Associazione MeRiS Mediterraneo Ricerca e Sviluppo

The "Associazione Me.Ri.S. Mediterraneo Ricerca e Sviluppo" is a no-profit and apolitical organisation for the protection of marine mammals and their environment. It is engaged in research activities on cetaceans in the Sicily Channel (Mediterranean Sea).

It promotes educational activities and scientific training through research expeditions, training courses, internships and university theses. Me.Ri.S. is engaged in ecotourism activities (whale and dolphin watching) offering adults and children the opportunity to participate in the monitoring and sighting of cetaceans and other marine species, living an unforgettable experience in close contact with the dolphins in their natural environment.
The activities are intended to disseminate a sensitive knowledge to the problems of the marine environment.

Associazione Me.Ri.S. Mediterraneo Ricerca e Sviluppo. Via Milano n°8, 92026 Favara (AG). C.F. 93060970840.

E-mail: cell: +39 3471430619

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